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Ninjas with Lions Flex-Fit Hat

In the mid 2000's in a bloody country, a rough crew was sent out to capture or kill a very nasty group of men who were terrorizing a whole city.  The crew that was sent to deal with them was made up of men and a couple of "Hair Missiles" and when they finished their job that night, there were no longer bad guys in that neighborhood.  The rough crew left before the sun came up.  Later that next morning a conventional military force went to the neighborhood where the mission had taken place the night before.  They approached a woman and through an interpreter they asked her "What happened here last night?" To which she replied "Last night they came and took those bad men."  To which the conventional commander asked, "Who took them?" And the woman replied, “They were Ninjas and they had Lions."
Those Ninjas and their Lions are still out there.  Working somewhere in the dark.  Visiting those who have it coming.
Help us help those Lions.
Thanks to our friends at Monarch Design Company who designed this hat for us!