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The Mission

The Mission

The end of 2021 is quickly approaching.  This is the time of year when you have the opportunity to support your chosen non-profit.  As the Founder of Spike’s K9 Fund, I want to appeal to you for your support.  This year we’ve hit some serious milestones.  We’ve helped over 1550 K9’s.  Some of those K9’s we’ve helped multiple times.  We have started a new campaign this year called “Spike’s School” and we’ve teamed up with a great group of Search and Rescue handlers and trainers and you, our donors, have helped hundreds of K9’s receive great training and first-aid kits.  We have still been at it with the K9 Krijger Ballistic Vest campaign and this year we’ve seen the custom K9 Storm vests that our generous donors provide, save Dogs lives.  We still provide equipment through the K9 Piper Kit Campaign.  Things like Ace K9 heat alarm systems, or GPS trackers for SAR K9’s.  We’ve also provided K9 Storm tactical harness’ to dozens of Military Working Dogs, both stateside and deployed. The Combat Dog Diesel Medical Campaign has been instrumental in caring for dozens of K9’s who have unsupported medical needs ranging from required life-saving medicines to emergency surgeries.  I think it very important that I express to you how much this means to me personally.  I did multiple combat deployments alongside K9’s and those Dogs saved myself and my teammates on multiple occasions.  4 of those K9’s I served with did not come home because they were killed in action.  The Dogs are NOT VOLUNTEERS. They don’t volunteer for the military or the police department, nor do they volunteer to find human remains at the bottom of a fast moving river, but we train them and they help us. It is our duty to assist those K9’s and for me, that assistance gets interpreted into the familiar term “Mission.” I see this journey of ours as a mission- a mission to protect, equip and care for the Dogs who work on behalf of our communities and our nation. When you are looking for a group to help execute their not for profit mission, please consider Spike’s K9 Fund.  We may have helped over 1550 K9’s in 49 states, but there are over 25,000 working K9 teams in the US.  They deserve our best.  Spike’s K9 Fund is on a mission to provide just that.