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Spike's School

Spike's School was created when there was a growing need for access to quality training without the burden of cost to the handler or department. We believe every K9 handler should have access to the training necessary to perform safely on the job. Spike’s School aims to educate and improve communication between handlers and K9 through top-notch training from exceptional and recognized trainers across the country. Quality training results in increased effectiveness in the workplace and safer handling, protecting everyone involved.

You may ask yourself, how much is this going to cost me? All schools that we host come at no cost to the handler.

How To Apply

Are you interested in hosting a Spike’s School in your area? Or applying for a school we already have scheduled? Click here to fill out an application.

Courses Available

  • K9 Emergency Medical Course
  • Interactive Decoy Course
  • Tracking Course
  • K9 and Tactical Team Integration Course
  • Back to the Basics/Obedience and Foundation Course
  • One Handed Pistol Shooting for the K9 Officer
  • Basics and Basics Faster (live action, scenario based training for K9 handlers)
  • K9 Decontamination
  • Dynamic Detection
  • SAR Advanced Land HRD Course (Hosted by CFTE, apply here)
  • SAR Advanced Water HRD Course (Hosted by CFTE, apply here)
  • SAR HRD Burials Course (Hosted by CFTE, apply here)
  • SAR HRD Burn Course (Hosted by CFTE, apply here)
  • SAR HRD Crime Scene Course (Hosted by CFTE, apply here)
  • USAR/Wilderness Disaster Course (Hosted by CFTE, apply here)

Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email us at any time